Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Advanced Education pays off in Southern Utah

A college degree goes a long way when it comes to earning a living in Southwestern Utah, according to a new publication from the Department of Workforce Services.

A college degree leads to better employment opportunities and more earning potential no matter where a person lives, but in Southwestern Utah it can mean a difference of more than $1,000 per month on average, said Lecia Langston, regional economist for the DWS and author of the Southwestern Utah section of “Local Insights,” a new quarterly publication that looks at the economic climates and labor markets of eight separate regions in Utah.

According to the report, increasing one’s education at any level produces a statistical increase in wages, but getting at least a bachelor’s degree brings the biggest premium, Langston writes in the report. In one example, a worker with some college education or an associate degree made $280 more per month than one who had graduated high school and the high school graduate made $350 more per month than the dropout. The one with a bachelor’s degree? Almost $1,100 more than their counterparts.

Langston said she was anxious to see where the numbers move from here. Residents can follow much of the information as it comes on this blog.

Curt Stewart, public information officer for the DWS, said in an email the publications are designed to “provide relevant information for decision making in the areas of regional planning, economic development and policy designs.”

The publications are available at no cost at and clicking on the Utah Insights picture at the top, by calling (801) 526-9785 or emailing The Spectrum