Friday, January 25, 2013

The next two years could be busy for St. George City

In a meeting with the city council on Thursday, city staff presented on dozens of ongoing and planned projects, giving officials a peek at how the city’s landscape is expected to change in the next year or two, including major new parks and trails, a variety of road projects and a series of efforts to beef up flood protection.

A series of repair and mitigation projects that have been ongoing since the city was hit by floods in December of 2010. Of the 60-plus projects identified by the Federal Emergency Management Administration after those floods, only five are still unfinished including a section of trails on the Santa Clara River near Dixie Downs Drive, and a section of trail that connects Bloomington to the SunRiver development.

The city is also utilizing a pair of federal hazard mitigation grants — one worth more than $600,000 — to reinforce riprap protection put in to protect the city’s Millcreek gas-fired power plant facility from the Virgin River and to shore up the river around the Sunbrook Golf Course.

The long-anticipated Hela Seegmiller Historic Farm, a 40-acre project near the intersection of 2450 South and 3000 East is scheduled for completion by the end of the year. The City is also involved in the Red Hills Desert Garden, a million-dollar project funded by the Washington County Water Conservancy District. Other ongoing park projects include the St. James Park at the end of St. James Lane between the Virgin River and the Fort Pierce Wash; an extension of the Virgin River Trail along the northeast section of the SunRiver development; the fourth and final phase of the Fields at Little Valley; a pedestrian crossing over Sand Hollow Wash near Snow Canyon High School; an expansion of the Silkwood neighborhood park and an expansion of the Royal Oaks Park off of Snow Canyon Parkway. The Spectrum