Monday, February 11, 2013

New construction tests planning process

The St. George City Council approved a series of zone change requests, preliminary plats and other construction-related items in its meeting Thursday, acting again on what has been a growing stream of requests for new development in the past year.

With the economy back on an upward trajectory after the difficult times brought on by the Great Recession, the city saw growth pick up dramatically in 2012.

There were 646 permits issued for residential units, up sharply from the 368 issued in 2011 and more than double the numbers seen during the recession.

The total valuation of those permits also jumped to more than $98 million, up from $55 million the previous year. Commercial properties were also up sharply, with the city moving $110.6 million worth of permits, the second-highest ever, thanks largely to the new $85 million Family Dollar distribution facility.

The figures still pale in comparison to the peaks seen during the housing boom — there were 2,048 residential permits issued in 2004 —but builders said they felt good about the environment moving forward. The Spectrum