Tuesday, January 26, 2016

St. George freeway underpass planned

The City of St. George finalized its end of an agreement last week to begin construction of a new freeway bridge and underpass along Interstate 15 at Mall Drive. The project will involve punching a hole under the freeway that will connect Red Cliffs Drive on the east side to Red Hills Parkway on the west side. There will also be two new lanes added to I-15 between those two interchanges, relieving some of the congestion along the two busiest miles of freeway in southern Utah.

The city allocated $3.7 million for its section of roads and infrastructure, with some additional money still needed for drainage, landscaping and other improvements. The total project cost is estimated at a little more than $24 million, with the state covering a little more than $20 million. Final design is underway and the project should be out to bid by the spring. The Spectrum