Friday, May 12, 2017

Kanab Creekside subdivision gets third preliminary plat approval

The long dormant Creekside subdivision was given its third preliminary plat approval in the last 10 years with a three to one vote by the Kanab City Council. The major subdivision is located on 39.95 acres of vacant land between the Kanab Creek and Escalante Dr. and Willow and Vance Dr., just east of the Kanab Creek Ranchos subdivision.  The parcel is zoned R-1-8 and the long term plans call for stick-built housing on up to 77 lots. The developer’s plans call for phasing in the housing segments, starting with six lots along the existing paved road.  They are planning to build their first home this summer.  Outside contractors will also be allowed to build on the Dennett owned lots. Southern Utah News