Friday, June 28, 2013

Census Bureau releases 2012 Race and Ethnic Population estimates

The Census Bureau recently released race and ethnic group population estimates for counties.

• Not surprisingly, in all Utah counties, whites make up the largest share of the population.

• San Juan County, with its large Native American residents, appears as the only county in Utah where the “minority” population outnumbers the white population.

• Along with San Juan County, Salt Lake and Weber County also show minority population greater than 20 percent.

• Counties showing population with less than 10 percent minorities include Rich, Daggett, Juab, Emery, Sevier, Garfield, Wayne, and Kane counties.

• In all counties but San Juan and Uintah (where Native Americans make up the second largest share), the Hispanic ethnic group comprises the second largest racial/ethnic group.

Detailed race/ethnic figures are available by clicking here.