Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Counties get $9 million for federal land

Counties get $9 million for federal land Southwestern Utah counties are getting more than $9 million this week to offset the costs of their large tracts of nontaxable federal land, but officials are worried that it could be the last payment if Congress doesn’t act. The Interior Department agreed to divvy out $436.9 million to about 1,900 local governments under a program called Payments in Lieu of Taxes or PILT, which has been used since 1976 to compensate governments for property taxes they can’t collect on government-owned land.

  • Beaver County: $961,388 for 1.3 million acres. 
  • Garfield County: $869,069 for 2.6 million acres. 
  • Iron County: $3.2 million for 1.2 million acres. 
  • Kane County: $1.1 million for 2.3 million acres. 
  • Washington County: $2.9 million for 1.1 million acres. 

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