Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Red Lion to begin renovations, welcome Green Iguana restaurant

The Red Lion Hotel is getting a makeover and spicy addition to its banquet offerings. The hotel and conference center has switched names and ownership over the years, and Red Lion took over the facility just over two years ago. The building hasn’t been renovated for years. In total, the hotel renovations will cost up to $1 million.

The Green Iguana, which will be owned and operated by the same family who currently manages Casa Dona Maria, is set to open Sept. 1.

The new restaurant will serve Mexican food somewhat similar to Casa’s, and it will also provide the food for the Red Lion’s banquets. Budgeted at around $45,000, most of the restaurant’s renovations should be completed within the next couple of weeks, and its food service equipment will be the only thing left to install. The Spectrum